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Diet Monitoring Loyalty App

Less than 35% of restaurant servers know what’s in the foods they serve. This contributes to 1 emergency room visit every 3 minutes. Gourmetmiles digitizes restaurant menus enabling you to know what’s in foods before ordering. Receive food allergy, gluten, diabetic, vegan, religious, etc. alerts directly to your smartphone based on your restrictions. Gourmetmiles warns of menu items you cannot eat.

Gourmetmiles also tracks your COMPLETE diet. The only platform that digitally monitors natural, packaged, & restaurant foods. Our patent pending GourmetMeasure device, uses the pressure sensitive screen of your smartphone to calculate, upload, and store exact data about the foods you eat. Whether it’s a bowl of cereal, a garden salad, or a sirloin steak, GourmetMeasure tells you everything about your meal.

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Cash Credit with Every Receipt

Gourmetmiles rewards cash credit based on amount spent. Gone are the days of a free muffin after twelve punches. Every receipt shows a cash value which can be scanned to accumulate Gourmetmiles and used same as cash. It's time you were rewarded like an adult.


Cardless, Effortless, Seamless

Carrying paper and plastic cards is a thing of the past. With Gourmetmiles, there's no hardware to scan, holes to punch, or tablets to touch. Simply take your receipt then get out of line and out of the way. Scan your receipt whenever you're ready to upload your Gourmetmiles.



Smartphone cluttered with apps? Download a single loyalty solution for all restaurants. Whether a sports bar, casual dining, drive-thru, or coffee spot, Gourmetmiles has you covered. 


Voice Feedback Directly to Restaurants

Frustrated with a poor restaurant experience? Had an amazing experience that must be shared? Or just want a way to let management know about an outstanding server? Unlike third party apps and websites not associated with the restaurant, Gourmetmiles lets you voice feedback directly to owners and managers. Restaurant management can view your feedback and associate it with your scanned receipt. Letting them know who served you and what you ordered. Plus you instantly earn Gourmetmiles with every scan.

Rub Smokehouse & Bar (Birmingham, UK) ~ Rewarding Customers Since 2016

Rub Smokehouse & Bar (Birmingham, UK) ~ Rewarding Customers Since 2016