Restaurant Owners


Real Time Analytics & Feedback

Whether you work from home, your restaurant, or from a distant corporate office, Gourmetmiles allows you to review customer analytics from anywhere. Access your Gourmetmiles Restaurant Portal from any computer and review a real-time feed of customer comments and ratings.

Feedback is only collected from customers after a sale is made and a receipt is provided. This eliminates false reviews and comments made by patrons who have never actually dined at your restaurant. This increases the accuracy of our ratings & reviews allowing you to better serve your guests.


In addition to accurate data, Gourmetmiles allows you to export all data onto Microsoft Excel so you can store, organize, sort, and filter data any way you like. Some of the data collected includes: (customer name, customer phone, customer birth date, items purchased, total spent, employee name, employee number, store number, customer experience rating, and customer comments).


There's no hardware, tablets, scanners, or cards. Saving thousands each year when compared to competitors. Gourmetmiles is GUARANTEED to increase insight, restaurant sales, and customer loyalty, or your first 3 months are free with no cost or obligation. In addition, we guarantee the lowest price of any competitor offering similar services. Welcome to the new age of restaurant marketing. Give every receipt an identity with Gourmetmiles.

Targeted Marketing


Targeted marketing that doesn't miss. Because every receipt displays a cash value, our customer engagement rates are as high as 80%. Restaurants now gain data & feedback from thousands of customers each week.

Imagine what you could do with that data; Send birthday text messages by name, email restaurant specials by location, identify problem menu items, review comments & ratings daily, and bounce back quickly from a bad review.

Big Data for Small Restaurants

Before Gourmetmiles, gaining reliable customer data was next to impossible for restaurant owners. And a single bad review could ruin a good restaurant. We collect thousands of reviews weekly allowing restaurants to identify, correct, and recover from a bad review within days (not years).

Gourmetmiles is the only cardless, effortless, hardware-free loyalty solution designed for restaurants. GUARANTEED to provide customer data, produce customer ratings, while collecting tons of customer feedback.

Universal Loyalty

Loyalty is completely customizable. This means restaurants set their own earning percentage (5%,10%, 15%, etc.), earning limits, and restaurant information. Once a customer reaches 500 Gourmetmiles a $5 voucher is generated directly through our app, which a customer can redeem at that restaurant only. Receipts can not be reused once scanned, protecting restaurants and their owners.

We publish the restaurant menu, provide the restaurant’s GPS location, reward customers based on how much they spend, and most importantly; keep them coming back! Customers are rewarded with Gourmetmiles and restaurants are rewarded with customer data, feedback, & loyalty.

Now who’s hungry?


Up to 80% customer engagement

Increased feedback, loyalty, & sales

What good is a Loyalty Program that customers don't use? See up to 80% customer engagement rates with Gourmetmiles.


Our Marketing Partners

Send automatic birthday texts to customers letting them know dessert is on the house. Inform customers about amazing restaurant specials automatically through email. These Marketing partners allow you to get the most out of Gourmetmiles.

Gourmetmiles has lowered negotiated pricing plans with our Marketing Partners. Email campaigns starting at $0 (FREE). Text SMS campaigns starting at only $55 monthly.