You've Earned Gourmetmiles..

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Monitor your complete diet

Gourmetmiles is the only app that tracks, quantifies, and catalogs food nutritional, ingredient, and health values from ALL sources (restaurant, packaged, & natural). Dietary monitoring is now as simple as photographing your meal. Simply scan your receipt at partner restaurants, scan your food package barcode, or weigh foods directly using our patent pending GourmetMeasure device and your pressure sensitive smartphone.

know exactly what’s on the menu

Gourmetmiles alerts you of menu items you cannot eat. Simply enter your food restrictions, preferences, & dislikes and Gourmetmiles will alert you of restaurant foods that contain those ingredients BEFORE they are ordered and consumed.

Cash Credit with Every Receipt

Every receipt shows a cash value earned.  Earn based on how much you spend. Gourmetmiles is a huge upgrade from the traditional paper punch cards that rewards a free muffin after twelve punches.  Use your digital Gourmetmiles vouchers the same as cash towards any food item in the restaurant.

Voice Feedback Directly to restaurants

Ever been frustrated with a poor restaurant experience? Had an amazing experience that must be shared? Or just wanted a way to let management know about an outstanding server? Unlike third party apps and websites not associated with the restaurant, Gourmetmiles lets you voice your feedback directly to owners and managers. Restaurant management can view your feedback and associate it directly with your scanned receipt. Letting them know who served you and what you ordered. Plus you instantly earn Gourmetmiles after each scan.


gourmetmeasure & gourmetmiles

Smartphones that weigh foods? There’s an app for that. Use our patent pending GourmetMeasure device to calculate, analyze, and store precise serving size data for every meal.