You've Earned Gourmetmiles..

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Cash Credit with Every Receipt

Every receipt shows a cash value earned.  Earn based on how much you spend. Gourmetmiles is a huge upgrade from the traditional paper punch cards which only reward you with a free muffin after twelve punches.  Use your digital Gourmetmiles vouchers the same as cash towards any food item in the restaurant.

One App, All Restaurants

Smartphone becoming cluttered with apps? Stop the madness and let restaurants know what you really want; a single loyalty solution that works EVERYWHERE. Tell your favorite sports bar, casual dining, drive-thru, and coffee spot you want a cardless loyalty solution that rewards you based on how much you spend. Tell them you want Gourmetmiles.

No More Loyalty Cards

It’s 2018 so there should be no more paper punch cards, right? You would think so, but there are still tons of restaurants using them to reward their customers. Loyalty cards (paper or plastic) are hard to keep track of, clutter wallets quickly, only work for a single restaurant, and seem to go missing when you need them most. Gourmetmiles frees you from loyalty limbo.

Voice Feedback Directly to Restaurants

Ever been frustrated with a poor restaurant experience? Had an amazing experience that must be shared? Or just wanted a way to let management know about an outstanding server? Unlike third party apps and websites not associated with the restaurant, Gourmetmiles lets you voice your feedback directly to owners and managers. Restaurant management can view your feedback and associate it directly with your scanned receipt. Letting them know who served you and what you ordered. Plus you instantly earn Gourmetmiles after every scan.


Scan, Earn, Redeem, Repeat

Don't toss that receipt. You've earned Gourmetmiles! Participating restaurants print QR codes at the bottom of receipts rewarding a percentage of your bill right back to you. Restaurant earning percentages vary. Once 500 Gourmetmiles are earned, a digital $5 voucher is automatically generated. Present this voucher to your server for cash credit and Eat Free ®