Restaurant Owners


digitize your menu

Attract food allergy, vegan, vegetarian, gluten, diabetic, paleo, keto, kosher, halal, and health conscious customers. Restaurants lose an estimated $40 billion each year as these customers often avoid restaurants due to uncertain ingredients. Gain consumer confidence with a digitized menu.

Our restaurants immediately become safe for ALL dietary groups. Customers have the peace of mind of a digitized menu that’s 99.99% more accurate than server/waiter memory.


Real Time Analytics

Access your Gourmetmiles Restaurant Portal from anywhere and review a real-time feed of customer comments and ratings. Feedback is only collected from customers after a sale is made and a receipt is provided. This eliminates false reviews and comments made by patrons who have never actually dined at your restaurant. This increases the accuracy of our ratings & reviews allowing you to better serve your guests.

Gourmetmiles collects customer name, phone, birth date, items purchased, total spent, employee name, employee number, store location, customer experience rating, and customer comments.

reduce food related emergencies

There is 1 food allergy related emergency room visit every 3 minutes. Most food allergy related fatalities occur in restaurants, resulting in $25 million annually in restaurant liability lawsuits.

Servers are tasked with remembering if noodles are cooked with peanut or vegetable oil. Gourmetmiles relieves servers of memorizing menu details, ingredients, and recommendations as our software collects this data for every menu item.

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There's no hardware, tablets, scanners, or cards. Saving thousands each year when compared to competitors. Gourmetmiles is GUARANTEED to increase insight, restaurant sales, and customer loyalty, or your first 3 months are free with no cost or obligation.


Up to 80% customer engagement

Increased feedback, loyalty, & sales

What good is a Loyalty Program customers don't use? With cash-back shown on every receipt (typically above $2.70), see up to 80% customer engagement rates with Gourmetmiles.


Marketing Partners

Send automatic birthday texts to customers letting them know dessert is on the house. Inform customers about amazing restaurant specials automatically through email. These Marketing partners allow you to get the most out of Gourmetmiles.

Gourmetmiles has lowered negotiated pricing plans with our Marketing Partners. Email campaigns starting at $0 (FREE). Text SMS campaigns starting at only $55 monthly.